lick into shape

lick (or knock) into shape act forcefully to bring into a better state.
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  • lick into shape — phrasal : to give proper form to : train or drill into orderly form a civilian can be licked into shape as a soldier by the manual of arms Dixon Wecter * * * lick into shape To mould into satisfactory form, from the notion that the she bear gives …   Useful english dictionary

  • lick into shape — knock/lick (something/someone) into shape to improve the condition of something or the condition or behaviour of someone. The prime minister s main aim is to knock the economy into shape. Little Sean is a bit wild but the teachers ll soon lick… …   New idioms dictionary

  • lick into shape —    If you make an effort to put someone or something into satisfactory condition or appearance, you lick them into shape.     I ve got to lick this place into shape before my in laws arrive …   English Idioms & idiomatic expressions

  • lick into shape — {v. phr.} To make perfect; drill; train. * /The sergeant licked the new volunteer army into shape in three months./ …   Dictionary of American idioms

  • lick\ into\ shape — v. phr. To make perfect; drill; train. The sergeant licked the new volunteer army into shape in three months …   Словарь американских идиом

  • lick into shape — make fit, make into proper form; shape, mold, form …   English contemporary dictionary

  • lick into shape — phrasal to put into proper form or condition …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • lick into shape — Meaning To make something work properly. Origin From the belief that bear cubs are born shapeless and have to be properly formed by their mother s licking …   Meaning and origin of phrases

  • lick into shape — idi +inf Informal. to bring to completion or perfection through discipline, hard work, etc …   From formal English to slang

  • To lick into shape — Lick Lick (l[i^]k), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Licked} (l[i^]kt); p. pr. & vb. n. {Licking}.] [AS. liccian; akin to OS. likk[=o]n, D. likken, OHG. lecch[=o]n, G. lecken, Goth. bi laig[=o]n, Russ. lizate, L. lingere, Gr. lei chein, Skr. lih, rih.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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